Careers at CPSC


The human resources composition of the Staff College is constantly geared towards the attainment of the organization’s overall goals and strategies. CPSC optimizes its manpower resources by appointing the right people at the right place at the right time. This is done through an established human resource management system which is global in perspective, open to emerging trends and responsive to the changing needs of the organization in support to member county needs for technical and administrative services and expertise.

CPSC highly values team work, leadership, empowerment, hard work, sense of ownership, and at the same time intellectual growth and assimilation of innovative ideas at work. As a learning organization, CPSC believes that its family members are continually open for professional growth and personal development.

Recruitment/ Selection

CPSC opens opportunities for professional and local-based individuals to contribute in CPSC’s work for the member countries on a need-basis. It is committed to giving equal opportunity for highly-qualified professional individuals to take academic posts in CPSC as per existing recruitment guidelines. The Standing Committee and the Academic Board are duly designated by the Board to serve as selection/screening committees, as appropriate.

Local staff recruitment is also based on a competitive selection procedure. A Personnel Advisory Committee advises on recruitment decisions, as appropriate.

All recruitment announcements are posted on the CPSC website. Vacancies on professional staff positions are advertised through formal invitation / information conveyed to the respective Liaison Officers from focal ministries in the member countries. Local staff vacancies are advertised in selected newspapers or circulated in online job seekers’ platforms in the Philippines.