Research in TVET Made Easy

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Date: October 2009
Type: Guide Book
Country: Philippines
Subject: Practical and systematic way of doing research with emphasis on TVET-oriented topics and problems
ISBN: 978-971-8557-91-4


The book was first launched and published in 2009 and had been widely used by TVET institutions since its launching. The book is about the practical and systematic way of doing research with emphasis on TVET-oriented topics and problems. The guidebook is intended for use by teachers, budding and professional researchers and those involved in planning or undertaking research activities as well as teaching methodical foundation for conducting actual researches.

One of the basic foundations to link technical human resources development with labor market opportunities is to have available evidence-based data and information that could stimulate policy, curricular reforms, pedagogical focus and further research initiatives. Emerging issues and problems needing methodical system of planning, investigation, analysis and recommendations must be solved utilizing pedagogical and scientific processes. To continue harnessing stronger research culture in TVET and make available such data and research outcomes, CPSC has come up with a useful guide in doing research in TVET.


  • Nature of research and its tools
  • Types of Research
  • Practical Planning in Research
  • Social Science and Technical Developmental Research
  • Data Analysis, Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Organization of the Research Report
  • ICT-enabled Education Research