Singapore Celebrates its 52nd National Day with the Theme: #OneNationTogether

2017 08 Singapore 52nd National Day

In celebration of the annual national day in August 9, Singapore adopts the theme “One Nation Together” in commemoration of the 52nd anniversary of their separation from the Federation of Malaya and becoming an independent country.

The National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 theme, concept, logo and theme song were officially launched on Wednesday (May 17)
as it enters a new chapter in its history. NDP 2017 this is also the first time a hashtag (#) has been incorporated into an NDP theme, for Singaporeans to share through social media. The Executive Committee, Colonel (Col) Melvin Ong, mentioned that this year’s celebrations “resembles the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation's first S$10 note launched in 1967 is a familiar feature in Singaporean home addresses, making synonymous with the idea of home”.

Singapore's 52nd year of independence will be celebrated with familiar sights like the Red Lions' parachuting performance, parade and ceremony featuring the presidential gun salute on the M3G raft, a Salute to the Nation performed by the Air Force and a special tribute to 50 years of National Service. Additionally for the first time, NDP will feature two Dynamic Defense Display segments showcasing national capabilities and whole-of-government response against security threats.

2017 Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) the Float at Marina Bay

All information can be found on: Float at Marina Bay, NDP 2017 will allow 30,000 Singaporeans – that of previous NDPs – to participate in the celebrations at the stadium “live”. There will also be a second Preview show for the public. Singaporeans will also be able to pen their well wishes for the nation and be part of a gigantic mosaic to mark our 52nd birthday. The mosaic will be displayed in the vicinity of the National Stadium during the Preview shows and Three hundred unmanned drones will take to the skies at the National Day Parade (NDP) for the first time in the parade's history on August 9.

The Marina Bay infrastructure and features will allow NDP 2017 to create a unique show for Singaporeans, while continuing to feature traditional crowd favorites such as the Parade and Ceremony, a Military Tattoo with a Precision Drill Display and Combined Band and Riders from the Singapore Armed Forces and the Home Team, as well as the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s State Flag Fly-past. These will be complemented by new displays making their appearance at NDP for the first time – Unmanned Technologies, 3D Projection Displays, Aerial Displays involving props and performers, and Indoor Fireworks. Singaporeans will also be able to be part of the dynamic show through activities during the parade and with items provided in the funpacks.

NDP 2017 is organized by Headquarters Armor, supported by more than 150 public and private sector organization’s and will involve almost 10,000 participants, volunteers and personnel working behind the scenes.” (NDP, 2017)


  1. Legend of Badang-a Mythical Tale depicting Singapore's history
  2. Jay Lim performs NDP 2017's theme song Because It's Singapore!
  3. Promoting NDP 2017
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2017-08_Singapore-52nd-National-Day-3Preview of the National Day Parade

2017-08_Singapore-52nd-National-Day-5National Day Funpacks 2017-08_Singapore-52nd-National-Day-6National Day Fireworks

2017-08_Singapore-52nd-National-Day-7Some of the rehearsed parades 2017-08_Singapore-52nd-National-Day-8Highlight from National Day Parade 2016