“One Nation”- Sri Lanka Commemorates Seven Decades of Independence

2018 02 Sri Lanka 70th independence daySri Lanka's Independence Day is celebrated on 4th of February to commemorate its internal political independence from British rule on that day in 1948. The day is a national holiday in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated all over the country through flag-hoisting ceremony, dances, parades and performances. Usually, the main celebration takes place in Colombo, where the President raises the national flag and delivers a nationally televised speech.

Many national struggles were made in the history of Sri Lanka. And on the Independence Day all of these are remembered and celebrated. But the independence movement against the British is especially recalled.

In the President's speech, he highlights the achievements of the government during the past year, raises important issues and gives a call for further development. The President also pays tribute to the national heroes of Sri Lanka, observes two minutes of silence in their memory, challenges and vows to eradicate separatism. A great military parade is also made. In recent years it show cases the power of the army, navy, air force, police and the civil defense force, and the commitment, bravery, national unity and determination to achieve peace is recollected in the minds of people. We want to especially thank heroes who saved our country.

2018 Celebrations: “One Nation”

2018 02 Sri Lanka 70th independence day 2Sri Lanka’s 70th Independence Day will be celebrated on a grand scale on the theme ‘One Nation’ at the Galle Face Green on February 4 (Daily News Sri Lanka, 17 January 2018).

Sri Lanka, which was relegated to the background, will proudly celebrate this year’s Independence Day after winning over the international world and regaining its world image, said Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena in a press release.

The release said a member of the British Royal Family Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex will attend the celebrations as a special invitee representing Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The British Royal Family has confirmed Prince Edward’s attendance at the 70th Independence Day celebrations following an invitation extended by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Several other foreign Heads of State and foreign delegates are also expected to attend this year’s celebrations.

The Home Affairs Ministry has made arrangements to introduce a special badge to mark the 70th Independence Day celebrations. It will depict the Independence Square and ‘70’ as a symbol of independence. On February 4 evening, a special cultural pageant and a musical show will be staged at the Colombo Town Hall Complex with the participation of a large number of local artistes.

A special traffic arrangement will be in operation in the Colombo city during the period of the Independence Day celebrations and the times on which rehearsals are made in preparation of the celebrations.

The Minister has also requested people to hoist National Flags in homes and state buildings on February 4 to mark the 70th Independence Day.


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