Announcement for Seconded Faculty Consultants



The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) invite member governments to nominate Seconded Faculty Consultants, for an initial period of one year, starting preferably between July 2017 to December 2017. The term may be extended (usually one year at a time) subject to satisfactory evaluation by the Staff College and upon mutual consent of the Seconded Faculty and the seconding government.

CPSC is an inter-governmental human resources development organization mandated to assist in the improvement of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems of its member countries in Asia and the Pacific region through training, research, consultancy and information services. The active member countries of CPSC are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Union of Myanmar, Nepal, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Candidates must be a citizen of any of the CPSC member countries, male or female, preferably with ten (10) years of teaching experience for TVET teacher and manager and teaching experience in TVET institution/polytechnic/ in engineering college/university, has occupied a faculty position in Universities/Technical and Engineering Colleges/Institutes of Excellence/Polytechnics, preferably with experience in any of the following: curriculum development, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), teacher training, qualification framework, technopreneurship, education for sustainable development, emerging technology (knowledge in renewable resources and/or Green IT an advantage), educational management and training, and skills for the informal sector and the disadvantaged. He/she must be able to contribute to the design, development and coordination of regional, in-country, and customized training programs and conduct other projects and activities as may be assigned.

The nominee must have a Doctorate degree in technical/technology education, engineering or in any related field of study, must be fluent in oral and written English, and with the ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Financial arrangements such as salaries and/or allowances and other related compensation, leave arrangements, etc., are made between the concerned agencies/ministries or institution of the seconding government and the seconded faculty himself. Other details of the appointment are provided in the Terms and Conditions of Service of Seconded Faculty Consultants as attached.

CPSC member countries are invited to propose the name(s) of qualified candidate(s) to CPSC and may refer them to submit application using the prescribed form (downloadable from CPSC website: with complete curriculum vitae, summary of professional portfolio and published books and papers, transcript of records and certificates of academic degrees and certificates of employments to:

Acceptance of application will start from July 1, 2017.

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A. Introduction

A seconded faculty consultant is considered as a CPSC staff member. As such, his appointment is governed by the Norms and Terms and Conditions of Service of CPSC faculty members, especially in matters concerned with the non- financial terms of appointment, conduct and discipline, disciplinary measures, etc. The seconded faculty consultant shall normally follow the leave rules of the seconding government, with the approval of the Staff College Director1. The latter’s approval is necessary to ensure the smooth operations of the Staff College according to its needs and prevailing conditions.

A.1 Status of Seconded Faculty Consultants

a. A seconded faculty consultant assigned to the Staff College is entitled to the privileges and immunities indicated in the Memorandum of Agreement between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Staff College.

b. The Staff College shall make representations with the appropriate Philippine authority for the issuance of visas for the seconded faculty consultant and members of his family.

A.2 Financial Arrangements

Financial arrangements (salaries, allowances, compensation, etc) are made between the concerned agencies of the seconding government and the seconded faculty consultant himself.

A.3 Assistance from the Colombo Plan Staff College

a. Once the seconded faculty consultant arrives in the Philippines, the Staff College shall be responsible for coordinating with the appropriate Philippine authorities concerning diplomatic and other arrangements to ensure that he receives full benefits from the immunities and privileges he is entitled to.

b. The Staff College shall provide seconded faculty consultants with all the support needed to facilitate their work in the Staff College.

B. Systems and Procedures Governing the Administration of Faculty Secondment Programmes

1. The seconding government shall propose the name(s) of qualified candidate(s) to the Staff College for consideration and concurrence or approval, as the case may be.

2. The Staff College shall confirm with the seconding government the college's acceptance of the person nominated as a seconded faculty consultant.

3. The seconding government shall notify the selected individual about his acceptance and inform the Staff College of his notification.

4. Internal arrangements between the concerned government agency and the selected person about financial matters, leave arrangements from the home institution (if required), etc shall be made before the selected individual departs to take up his post at the Staff College.

5. The Staff College shall issue a letter of acceptance to the selected individual specifying the terms and conditions that shall apply based on the rules and regulations of the Staff College with a copy to the embassy concerned in Manila for reference and record.

6. The selected individual shall confirm in writing his acceptance of his secondment to the Staff College with a copy sent to his embassy in Manila for reference and record.

7. The Staff College shall make arrangements for visas for the seconded faculty consultant and his family to travel to the Philippines.

8. The seconded faculty consultant shall travel to the Philippines and report to his embassy and then to the Staff College for work.

9. Throughout his appointment, the seconded faculty consultant shall be considered as a staff member of the Staff College and not as an official of the embassy of the seconding government. However, the Staff College shall maintain close coordination and cooperation with the embassy concerned to support and facilitate the work of the seconded faculty consultant.

10. Three months before the secondment expires, the Staff College shall evaluate the performance of the seconded faculty consultant and report to his embassy whether or not his performance meets the expectations or standards of the Staff College. The continuation of his services and secondment (if the seconding government agrees) shall be determined by the Staff College and conveyed to his embassy for necessary action concerning his secondment status.

11. If the Staff College wishes to retain the services of the seconded faculty consultant and the seconding government agrees, the seconded faculty consultant shall be offered a renewal of appointment and acceptance for a specified period (usually one year at a time).

12. In subsequent years, the procedures identified in steps 9 –11 shall continue for the same seconded faculty consultant, if all parties agree.

13. When a staff member seconded by a participating government or agency extending technical assistance to the Staff College becomes the subject of disciplinary proceedings, the staff member concerned shall be informed of the process and shall be notified of his right to appeal, if the decision is against him.

14. The Director shall notify the participating government or agency to withdraw the staff member, giving reasons for the request for withdrawal and informing the participating government or agency of the staff member's decision to appeal, as the case may be.

15. The decision of the Personnel Advisory committee (PAC) shall also be submitted to the embassy concerned.

16. Termination of service of the staff member shall take effect on the date of the request for withdrawal.