Thursday, 25 August 2011 06:46

CPSC DG meets Bhutan’s Labor Minister, Meets MFA senior officials

In commencing a major task as the head of CPSC, which is to understand the present requirements of participating members of CPSC and increase their engagement to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub visited the Kingdom of Bhutan from August 22-23, 2011 which coincided with the conduct of the CPC-India SDPA In-Country Program. During this opportunity, Dr. Naim paid the Minister of Labor and Human Resources (MOLHR), Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi, a courtesy visit on August 22. The honorable Minister warmly received and congratulated Dr. Naim for his appointment with a full backing of his strategic leadership of CPSC, which is among those cooperation platforms Minister Dorji highly acknowledges for the tremendous benefits derived by Bhutanese nationals. The visit also allowed the parties to exchange key developments in their respective areas, Bhutan on its improving economic growth spurred by bilateral trade with neighbor countries; CPSC on its present efforts to implement improvements in its revenue stream through contribution increments.

The honorable Minister from Bhutan acknowledged the present need to expand the financial resources of CPSC particularly through member country contributions which support the basic operating costs of the College, and which, at present, are widely differentiated among the member countries of CPSC.

2011-08 sdpa-bhutan01Dr. Naim Yaakub and Dr. Rajesh Khambayat (2nd &3rd from right, respectively) pay courtesy to, Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi Minister of MOLHR  2011-08 sdpa-bhutan02CPSC DG meets Bhutanese Foreign Affairs officials from the Multilateral Affairs Dept. led by Mrs. K. Namgyel, Director (center) 

Moreover, a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bhutan on August 23 provided opportunity for Dr. Naim to convey CPSC updates and plans through Bhutan’s diplomatic channel which is responsible for the strong and continued cooperation of Bhutan with multilateral organizations like CPSC.

The CPSC DG met with Mrs. Kunzang Namgyel, Liaison Officer for Bhutan and Director for Multilateral Affairs. Consistent with the earlier exchanges with the MOLHR, Dr. Naim discussed strengthening the cooperation between CPSC and the Royal Government of Bhutan and increasing engagement to the cooperation framework in TVET through CPSC. On behalf of the Royal Government of Bhutan, Mrs. Namgyel agreed to further study the proposition laid out and acknowledged the important role of CPSC for Bhutan. Dr. Naim was joined by Mr Vergel de la Paz, Training and HR Officer, CPSC during his visit to the MFA.