Monday, 05 January 2015 06:11

CPSC Hosts Inter-Organizational Meeting with UNESCO-UNEVOC, HKIEd and CDETEP


In a rare and opportune time whereby prestigious international organizations meet to share common goals and aspirations with one another, CPSC spearheaded the gathering of top leaders from international organizations as it hosted the inter-organizational meeting among the College, UNESCO-UNEVOC, HongKong Institute of Education (HKIEd), and Pusat Pengembangan Dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik Dan Tenaga Kependidikan (CDETEP). The meeting was organized on December 11, 2014 at the CPSC Conference Room.

Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General welcomed all the guests and led the discussions among top leaders of the inter-organizational meeting composed of Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head, UNESCO-UNEVOC and former CPSC Director General, Dr. Rupert Maclean, Director, Center for Lifelong Learning, Research and Development, HKIEd, and Dr. Mian Siahaan, Vice Director of CDETEP/Head of Program and Data Information Division.

The discussions revolved around upcoming programs, projects and latest global initiatives as well as lifelong learning programs of each international organization.

Dr. Naim welcomed all the distinguished heads of each attending international organization. He expressed his immense pleasure in hosting such a convergence of high-level guests. He said that the event is extremely important as it will pave the way to laying down common interests and discuss joint activities and efforts for TVET. The Director General also introduced CPSC and highlighted its achievements in program implementations and activities particularly in APACC, as well as some latest initiatives such as the Caregiver book, STEPS (Scholarly Technical Education and Publication Series) and CAPTVEC (CPSC Asia Pacific Technical and Vocational Education Center).

Dr. Majumdar, prior to sharing about the role of their organization expressed that he is very pleased to be back in his second home and felt proud that the CPSC as an organization is very alive, progressing and taking the challenge of TVET. In this, he congratulated the DG, Dr. Naim for leading the CPSC staff in contributing through CPSC programs and services for the development of TVET.

During the discussions, Dr. Majumdar emphasized that the TVET agenda has come back such that great expectations and challenges will be thrown to regional organizations such as CPSC and the likes. The TVET agenda will have particular focus in the areas of competency-based curriculum, qualifications framework, to name a few. In line with this he said that, extensive and comprehensive policy reviews in education in general must be undertaken. Thus, he further said that, all the regional organizations, CPSC, SEAMEO, CDETEP, and other partners must unite, understand that the challenges are huge, come up with strategies and work together to address such challenges.

Dr. Rupert Maclean also gave his special remarks before introducing HKIEd. He recalled the times of conducting CPSC's joint programs with UNEVOC, with him being Head of the latter. He said "Thank you to CPSC, I have always been impressed with CPSC and it will always be close to my heart." He added that the emphasis of the post 2015 agenda will be on the post primary education. After Education for All, TVET for All will be the next agenda and will focus on major issues of gender, quality and access.

The programs and activities of HKIEd were further elaborated by other attending HKIEd officials namely Dr. Bob Adamson, Incoming UNESCO Chair for TVET/Head, Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning, HKIEd and Dr. Margarita Pavlova, Director, UNESCO UNEVOC Centre & Associate Professor, HKIEd. Both expounded on HKIEd's endeavor in lifelong learning, their current projects such as teacher training for green environment, innovation and skills and knowledge sharing and many others.

Dr. Mian Siahaan after the introduction of his 6-member delegation, informed the group that their organization, like CPSC are training teachers/educators, organizing programs to develop better services for human resources and provide avenues for more opportunities for international partnerships. Apart from training, CDETEP is also into management and consultancy on areas like school management. Their lifelong learning program involves teaching retirees on how to start their own businesses as a way of assisting and encouraging them to develop their capability and continue being productive and improve their lives further.

Among the guests was Mr. Rudy Sabas, a freelance Consultant formerly connected to Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). He shared his current undertakings in the Philippines.

Other attendees to the meeting include CDETEP officials, Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant and CPSC officers.

Dr. Naim once again, in his closing message, thanked all the attendees. He said that as the three organizations CPSC, UNEVOC and CDETEP, complementing each other must continue to communicate, understand the huge challenges facing them and work together to achieve common goals for TVET. CPSC will be following up in writing on viable areas of cooperation among the organizations.

2014-12 UNESCO-UNEVOC HKIEd CDETEP photoUNESCO-UNEVOC, HKIED, CDETEP officials led by Dr. Naim (2nd fr. R, presidential table) led the discussions during the meeting