Wednesday, 28 January 2015 06:50

CPSC Announces Latest Venture - CAPTVEC

In its relentless efforts to enhance accessibility and visibility of the College in the CPSC member countries, and fortify working partnerships with its stakeholders, CPSC announces its latest venture of establishing TVET centers in the member countries called the CPSC Asia Pacific Technical and Vocational Education Centers-CAPTVEC.

Designed to create venues that will move CPSC closer to its constituents, CPSC's latest initiative, CAPTVEC explores setting up CPSC satellite centers in the member countries. CAPTVEC specifically aims to:

• Acknowledge good TVET institutions as focal points in the member countries for dissemination of information related to CPSC activities, programs and opportunities of collaborations;

• Establish TVET centers that provide to CPSC information/updates related to TVET, major projects, programs, policy changes and other development reports in the member countries;

• Create venues for the display of CPSC publications and other relevant TVET documents

• Workout collaborative programs related to TVET through the center, may it be training, seminar, conference or any other program of common interests and submit as part of the action plan on yearly basis

• Act as virtual centers for dissemination of CPSC selected programs as mutually agreed by the parties. CPSC's On-Course materials shall be made available through the CAPTVEC for consumption of stakeholders.

• Build stronger networks of CPSC Alumni in member countries who shall coordinate and support conduct of such programs in view of producing a multiplying effect for endorsing TVET staff training efforts of the member countries.

captvec map

 CAPTVEC is open for application to all interested institutions, organizations, universities and polytechnics in the member countries. Applicant institutions shall be assessed for the appropriateness of their resources and capabilities to be a CPSC satellite center apart from fulfilling other criteria set in establishing CAPTVEC. Some of the criteria for qualifying as CAPTVEC are the following (interested entities may retrieve prescribed application and submit accordingly):

• Recognized by the National Government and authenticated by CPSC Liaison officer;

• The candidate may be a ministry or department dealing with TVET;

• A national TVET Body nominated by the National Government / competent TVET regulating authority; or

• Recognized Technical Teachers' Training & Research Centers;

• Technical Training Centre/Institute, Polytechnic, Community Colleges or similar institutions with demonstrated competence and national recognition for undertaking education and training;

• A University, Research or Teacher Training Institute, with demonstrated competence in TVET, and national recognition for undertaking education and training, and research activities related to TVET;

• Availability of dedicated and competent Professional Staff to conduct and attend CPSC activities; and many more.

  • Contribute to CPSC Online Journal System (OJS) and participate in other online forums as will be facilitated by CPSC.
  • Act as nodal centers for our APACC activities.
  • Demonstrated evidence of the capability and networking with local TVET institutions and bodies to collect and collate information regarding national and regional TVET i.e. materials and publications (e.g. National TVET policies, programs and projects, Legal Framework, year wise TVET achievements i.e. enrollments, passers and future projections for the country.
  • Conduct at least one local activity per year related to issues in TVET.

Benefits awaiting institutions that may be designated as CAPTVEC include bigger networking opportunity with CPSC's international partners, wider access to current TVET trends and information, better opportunities in availing CPSC's Professional Internship for International Experience (PIPIE), vents for research paper publications through CPSC's STEPS (Scholarly Technical Education Publication Series), extended network with TVET institutions in the member country for operational level activities among many others.

CPSC solicits patronage from TVET institutions/organizations of all member countries for this newest venture and encourages interested institutions to tender their applications for the center this early.

CAPTVEC is envisioned to further intensify shared efforts and partnerships with all stakeholders in setting directions for future programs, projects and TVET-related engagements in order to amplify beneficial impacts of CPSC's services on human resources development through TVET.