Tuesday, 06 October 2015 00:00

CPSC Explores Collaboration with SAARC Development Fund in Bhutan

In an effort to increase development partners in the Asia Pacific region for mutual benefit of stakeholders, Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Officer-in-Charge of the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) and Acting President of the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) accompanied by Prof. Dr. S.K. Dhameja, former CPSC Faculty Consultant visited the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Development Fund at Thimphu, Bhutan on October 6, 2015. They met the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sunil Motiwal and Manager of Communication and Knowledge Management Ms. Sania Akhtar.

2015-10 saarcbhutanProf. Dr. S.K. Dhameja, Dr. Sunil Motiwal, Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel and Ms. Sania Akhtar at SAARC Development Fund, Bhutan

2015-10 saarcbhutan2The visit was in conjunction with the one-week In-Country Program on “Entrepreneurship and Management in TVET” and National Seminar on “Entrepreneurship Education in TVET Sector of Bhutan”, both coordinated by Dr. Dhameja and supervised by Dr. G. Kulanthaivel. Dr. Kulanthaivel briefed officials from SAARC Development Fund on the mentioned programs as well as the general activities of CPSC and APACC.

The CPSC OIC explored the possibility of taking up certain projects under the aegis of SAARC which CPSC could execute. The CEO appreciated the work done by CPSC for bringing qualitative improvement in TVET system of its member countries in Asia Pacific region which also includes the eight member countries of SAARC namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He informed that SAARC has many projects mainly in the area of ICT and community development in which funding can be provided to the executing agency and advised CPSC OIC to submit concrete proposals in this regard. Dr. Kulanthaivel extended an invitation to Dr. Sunil to visit CPSC whenever he visits the Philippines to have first-hand information about the activities of the Staff College. The CEO thanked the CPSC OIC for the invitation and promised to visit CPSC at the earliest possible opportunity. He appreciated the visit of the CPSC delegation and for informing him of CPSC’s activities which will help him in networking in the future.