Wednesday, 11 November 2015 00:00

HRD Korea Renews Ties with CPSC

2015-11 hrdkorea

In an effort to reinvigorate ties and partnership, the Human Resources Development Service-Korea (HRD-Korea) paid a visit to CPSC on November 9, 2015. An enthusiastic exchange of information and updates about each other's institution and discussions on significant areas of interest transpired during the visit.

The two organizations had been the forefront of a close CPSC-Korea relationship, an indication of its substantial assistance to the CPSC member countries in the region. From 2008 to date, 99 representatives from the member countries has benefitted from the collaborative programs of both organizations organized in several HRD institutions in Seoul. In addition, 123 students in seven batches from various Korean institutions held their internship exercises in CPSC.

The delegation was composed of the Director General of the Management and Planning Bureau, Mr. Jeon Hwa Ick, Manager of the Property Management Team, Mr. Kang Hui Seok and Manager of the Personnel Management and Development Team, Mr. Kim Won Don. The CPSC delegation was composed of all division officers and led by the CPSC Faculty Consultant, Dr. Romulita Alto, acting on behalf of the CPSC Officer-in-charge, Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Alto hopes for more opportunities for a closer and a more meaningful collaboration that will arise after this visit. She also cited the role of CPSC in spearheading the development of TVET in its member countries through training, organizing and initiating programs and by promoting itself as a clearinghouse of TVET information and standards in the region.

In response, the HRD Korea delegation headed by Mr. Ick reiterated his wish for a successful mission and relays his appreciation to the warm welcome given by CPSC. In addition, he cited the progress of CPSC through the years and the modernization of facilities having been a former participant of the training program held in the college in 1998.

Dr. Alto presented some of CPSC's services and program offerings such as its training programs, publications, thrust areas and initiatives, with particular highlight on the Asia-Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission. Dr. Alto encouraged the organization to partake of collaborative research with CPSC, in view of boosting the research capacity of the college by providing manpower and academic expertise, particularly in the field of technical research. Mr. Ik received the suggestion positively, suggesting that he will communicate this intention to the main office for possibilities of tangible cooperation particularly on research and development in TVET.