Thursday, 13 November 2014 01:51

CPSC-IAIN Proves Strengthened Ties through 4th Capacity Building Program on Educational Leadership and Management

2014-11 iain mataram groupphoto

As the Customized Program on Educational Leadership and Management commenced Monday, the CPSC Director General, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub led the CPSC Faculty and Staff in welcoming another batch of delegates from the Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) in Mataram, this time from West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, being held from November 10 to 14, 2014 at CPSC.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Naim said that the CPSC family is very happy to once again receive another batch from IAIN and that he feels proud that CPSC is a great part of the institution's quest to be a full-fledged university. He further invited all the participants to make CPSC its second home and grab the opportunity to be in such part of the world where six countries are together converging in harmony.

Proving stronger ties with Indonesia, the latest Customized program is the fourth of its kind this year being organized by CPSC, following the successful conduct of the capacity building programs for IAIN - Sumatera Utara, IAIN Raden Fatah/ IAIN Mataram in June and September 2014 respectively. The program is designed to meet the specific needs of the institute's staff towards the transformation of IAIN from an institute to a full-fledged university.

Dr. Ahmad Amir Aziz, M.Ag, Head of the Project Implementation Unit of IAIN leads the 15 staff members from IAIN. In response to the CPSC DG he expressed his gratitude to CPSC for warmly receiving his group. He introduced the institution and shared about their determined hope to be a full-pledged university and utilize whatever knowledge and capacity they would gain from the CPSC program and eventually contribute to their country in addressing challenges in the global education. He said that they are all excited to further work together with CPSC.

The program is being supervised by Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, CPSC Director General. Overall program coordination is being provided by Dr. Zulkifli Zakaria, CPSC Short-Term Faculty Consultant. Dr. Hazrat Hussain, CPSC Faculty Consultant and Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, CPSC Seconded Faculty Consultant also share their expertise in the whole duration of the program.

The program aims to instill to the participants the regional and country-based educational management trends and their implications for sustainable human resources development with reference to the ASEAN countries context. It is also expected that the participants will have an understanding of modern educational management concepts, practices and set their future directions. The program is set to enhance awareness of participants on identifying practices and systems for educational excellence through transformational leadership and be able to prepare an action plan that will guide the institute towards becoming a full-fledged university.

Themes such as: Teamwork Building for Enhanced Productivity and Effectiveness, Educational Excellence through Accreditation, and Quality Management, Developing a Strategic Planning Framework for Educational Organizations, Educational Transformation through Leadership and Challenges in Education towards the Realization of ASEAN Community 2015 are integrated in the program in order to provide a thorough academic experience to the participants.

Study visits to institutions such as the Asian Institute of Management, National Commission of Muslim Filipinos and the Commission on Higher Education were also organized. The participants will also visit some of the famous landmarks in Manila such as Intramuros and the Quiapo Golden Mosque to showcase the history and beauty of the host city during their five-day visit.