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CPSC’s RP on Entrepreneurship Development in TVET Convenes High-Level-Delegation Member Countries

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The Colombo Plan Staff College’s Regional Program gathers together high level delegation from CPSC member countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand for the Regional Program on Entrepreneurship in TVET. The CPSC faculty and staff led by the Director General, Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, welcomed the delegates composed of 15 TVET leaders, senior administrators and practitioners including entrepreneurship experts from Malaysia and India, as the regional program commenced Wednesday June 17 at CPSC for the duration of June 17-20, 2015.

Dr. Naim expressed his immense pride and pleasure in receiving the high-level delegation and the nearly full attendance of member countries. “This”, he said, “indicates positive impressions and solid support of CPSC member countries in CPSC’s endeavors that makes us feel assured that we are proving our worth in the realization of our mandate.”

The program was organized under the supervision of the Director General with the assistance of Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Seconded Faculty Consultant acting as Program Coordinator.

The program was conceptualized in view of the rising potential of integrating entrepreneurship in TVET education as a way to provide lifelong employment to its beneficiaries. Instilling the entrepreneurial acumen to students and instructors should be one of the focus areas of TVET to maintain its relevance in today’s society. In addition, the need to forge stronger links with the labor market and the creation of strategies to help graduates to adjust continuously to the fast changes in the market makes entrepreneurship education an interesting and timely endeavor towards providing its beneficiaries with decent ways of obtaining a gainful employment.

In this program, the participating TVET policy makers, administrators and educators is apprised about the relevance of entrepreneurship education in present times, the need to divert a significant chunk of TVET graduates from wage employment to entrepreneurial careers in developing countries and knowledge of the entrepreneurial support system available in different countries and understanding the complete process of entrepreneurship.

To further strengthen CPSC’s knowledge based on the theme, several TVET experts on entrepreneurship were invited to the program. This includes Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhameja, Head of Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Coordination Department at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR) in Chandigarh, India and former GB-Engaged Faculty Consultant of CPSC; Dr. Shamsuri Abdullah, Principal Lecturer at the Corporate Industrial Service Employability Centre (CISEC), Politeknik Ungku Omar, Ipoh, Malaysia and Mr. Kamrul Tarafder, Founder of ASA Philippines Foundation, which is a social entrepreneurship NGO.

The program covered themes and topics such as: (1) Trends, Issues and Challenges in Entrepreneurship Education; (2) Entrepreneurship Education in TVET Environment and Models of implementation; (3) ICT applications in Entrepreneurship Education and Training; (4) Overview of Entrepreneurial Support Agencies in Asia Pacific Countries and Facilities/Incentives offered to Entrepreneurs and (5) Design Thinking in Fostering Creativity and Innovation. Tasks specifically designed to test the aptitude of the participants are also included in the program.

At the end of this training, participants should be able to understand the importance and concepts of entrepreneurship education and be able to apply the lessons learned to implement and promote it in their respective institutions and agencies through the action plan that they will be drafting during the program.

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(clockwise from top photo L) CPSC Director General Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub, imparts his special lecture, Dr. G. Kulanthaivel (standing), Program Coordinator, Dr. Shamsuri Abdullah (standing), Dr. SK Dhameja (standing) share their insights on entrepreneurship with and provide guidance to the participants during their presentations as Resource Persons of the program.