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In-Country Program, National Seminar in Bhutan Focuses on Entrepreneurship Education

2015-10 icpbhutan

The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) organized a five-day in-country program on "Entrepreneurship and Management in TVET" and a National Seminar on "Entrepreneurship Education in TVET Sector of Bhutan" at Hotel Ariya, Thimphu, Bhutan from 5th-9th October 2015. A total of 30 Teachers/Instructors of different TVET institutions and MOLHR officials of the country were invited to participate in the program.

The program aimed to further enhance awareness of the participants on the relevance of entrepreneurship education in present times and the need to divert a significant chunk of TVET graduates from wage employment to entrepreneurial careers in a developing country like Bhutan. The program also trained the participants on adopting new strategies for entrepreneurship promotion in TVET, on instilling high achievement motive amongst the graduates, in having knowledge of the facilities, incentives and loans offered to entrepreneurs in Bhutan, management of human resources and understanding the complete process of entrepreneurship.

The program was coordinated by Prof. Dr. S.K. Dhameja, former CPSC Faculty Consultant and Head of the Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Coordination Department at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research (NITTTR), Chandigarh, India. Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, Officer-in-Charge of CPSC supervised the overall management of the program. Local coordination was handled by Mr. Sangay Dorji, Chief Program Officer of the Technical and Professional Service Division, Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources. Ms. Shivani Dhand, Assistant Professor of the School of Business at Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar, Punjab, India also provided her expertise as a local expert and resource person.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Guest Mr. Dorgi Tshering, Director, Department of Occupation Standards, Minister of Labor and Human Resources (MoLHR), Royal Government of Bhutan expressed his appreciation to CPSC for organizing this very timely program on Entrepreneurship and Management in Bhutan. He was especially thankful to CPSC for accepting the request of MoLHR to organize the specific program. He also said that "entrepreneurship is the need of hour in Bhutan because of unemployment especially among the TVET graduates". He dwelt upon the importance of promoting entrepreneurship with a view to generating employment and poverty reduction.

Orienting the attendees as Program Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Dhameja, threw light on the importance of entrepreneurship in present times and gave a detailed account of the activities of the program cum seminar. He also explained the activities of CPSC and congratulated the Royal Government of Bhutan in choosing a very relevant and timely topic.

The program covered themes such as the relevance of entrepreneurship in present times, leadership and managerial skills for entrepreneurs, application of the Blue Ocean strategy for entrepreneurship promotion in TVET, facilities, incentives and loans offered to entrepreneurs in Bhutan and managing human resources in enterprises. The program also included a visit to several small-scale industries in Bhutan.

Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, visited the training venue along with Mr. Kinley, Director of Department of Human Resources, MoLHR, Bhutan and interacted with participants and took feedback about the program. He also expressed his gratitude to the efforts of Dr. S.K. Dhameja and Ms. Dhand for coming all the way from India to conduct the program, as well to the local coordinators who ensured smooth implementation of the activity.

A visit to Bhutan's Techno Park during the program formed part of the learning opportunity provided for the program participants.

2015-10 icpbhutan1Dr. Kulanthaivel (far right) guiding the participants in one of
the exercises
 2015-10 icpbhutan2Participants of the National Seminar

A significant highlight of the program was the National Seminar on Entrepreneurship Education in TVET held on 8th October. Nearly 60 entrepreneurs, TVET practitioners and academicians attended the seminar which focused on emerging global trends in entrepreneurship involving women, rural and social entrepreneurship. The event provided a platform among the academic and entrepreneur fraternity for exchange of ideas that would help in framing suitable recommendations for implementation by the TVET sector of Bhutan resulting in strengthened entrepreneurship education in TVET and consequently increased supply of entrepreneurs.

The broad themes of the seminar are: Entrepreneurship Promotion and Entrepreneurial Opportunities; and Emerging Global Trends in Entrepreneurship. The event targeted to: define the role of ICT in entrepreneurship education; identify entrepreneurial opportunities for TVET graduates; and be aware of latest global trends in entrepreneurship.

The seminar was facilitated through two sessions as Session 1: Entrepreneurship Promotion and Entrepreneurial Opportunities; and Emerging Global Trends in Entrepreneurship. In session 1, Prof. Dr. G Kulanthaivel discussed the Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Entrepreneurship Education, while Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurung, Head of Entrepreneurship and Self Employment Division, Department of Employment, Bhutan shared his insights on Entrepreneurial Opportunities for TVET Graduates of Bhutan.

On the other hand, session 2 dealt with the Emerging Global Trends: Women and Rural Entrepreneurship which was imparted by Dr. Dhameja, while Ms. Dhand talked on Social Entrepreneurship: Scope and Future Perspectives.