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Regional Program in Thailand Centered on Developing a Culture of Organizational Excellence Among TVET Institutions Through Accreditation

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016

With a mindset that "what is considered "good" cannot be considered as "good" forever" and a pressing motivation to use accreditation as a way to achieve organizational excellence and improvement, a Regional Program co-hosted by CPSC and the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) was organized at Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand from August 1-5, 2016.

The regional program entitled "Developing Organizational Excellence among TVET Institutions through Accreditation" was attended by 18 participants coming from the CPSC member countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Thailand, as well as CPSC's honorary member Institution of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB). In addition, representatives from the different TVET schools in Thailand were also invited to gain insights about the Asia-Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) and prepare themselves for possible APACC onsite activities in the future.

The program sought to discuss and demonstrate the concepts and philosophies associated with the development of a culture of excellence in organizations and institutes. The lectures and tasks were also designed to demonstrate the importance of strategic planning as a tool to chart the institution's future goals and communicate its priorities to its stakeholders.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-2Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel (far right) addressing the participants in
his opening speech together with Dr. Chantharachit (left) and
Dr. Moenjak (center)
It also aimed to showcase some of Thailand's best practices in accreditation, quality assurance and organizational excellence, as well as the challenges and lessons for other countries to learn and take into account. Seminars and open forums were also included in the program to create opportunities for discussion and experience sharing for the member country representatives with an aim to facilitate the exchange of relevant information on how to enhance quality assurance offerings in TVET for the benefit of their own countries. Finally, the program intended to create a culture of organizational excellence and mindset for the participants to proliferate in their respective workplaces and inculcate among teams and stakeholders.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-3The CPSC Former Director, Dr. Thamrongsak Moenjak,
during the opening ceremonies of the Regional Program in Thailand
The program was formally opened by Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, CPSC Acting Director General and Dr. Prachakhom Chantharachit, Advisor for Vocational Education Standards for Industry and the representative of Dr. Chaipreuk Sereerak, the Secretary General of OVEC Thailand. The first Thai CPSC Director General who served 1988 until 1991, Dr. Thamrongsak Moenjak, also graced the opening ceremony and delivered a lecture entitled "Excellent TVET for 21st Century.

Resource Persons Dr. Sompoch Noophakoon, Former Secretary General, Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC), Thailand discussed concepts and philosophies in developing organizational excellence, while Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, APACC Special Officer for Thailand provided an overview of the country to the participants.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-4Dr. Romulita Alto addressing the participantsDr. Romulita Alto, CPSC Faculty Consultant and Resource Person, provided her expertise on developing strategic and action plans for organizational excellence. She also discussed challenges and opportunities on regional accreditation and touched on the significance and relevance of APACC in enhancing institutional objectives.

On August 3, 2016, the program featured an International Seminar on "Organizational Excellence among TVET Institutions through Accreditation" with the attendance of 30 additional local participants affiliated with OVEC. The program highlighted lectures from Prof. Dr. Kulanthaivel who discussed the accreditation requirements and procedures of APACC; Dr. Eunsang Cho, TVET Program Specialist from UNESCO Bangkok who elaborated the global perspectives through his presentation entitled: "Quality Assurance of TVET systems in the global context" and Dr. Jomphong Mongkhonvanit, Chairman of the Association of Private Colleges in Thailand and the Director of Siam Technology College who discussed the private school experience in achieving organizational excellence.

In the next session, Dr. Huan Kuan Ying from the Department of Curriculum Design and Human Potential Development from the National Dong Hwa University in Taipei, Taiwan talked about the perspective of "total quality management" in managing special education systems. Lastly, Dr. Anton Subarno, a Lecturer from Sebelas Maret University in Indonesia shared their experience in quality assurance and development.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-6Dr. G. Kulanthaivel (center) with Dr. Mongkhonvanich (third from left) and
some officials from OVEC
 2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-7Participants from Thailand and Malaysia discuss the results of their task to
Dr. Alto and the rest of the participants

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-11(L-R) Participants from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan with Dr. G. Kulanthaivel (center)

Each of the member country representatives presented a paper highlighting the quality assurance systems in their own countries. Part of their presentations focused on showcasing the TVET systems in their own countries, followed by their respective qualification systems and the role of accreditation in assuring the high quality of TVET delivery.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-8Participants posing at the façade of SiamTech 2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-9Dr. Jomphong Mongkhonvanich (center) receiving some tokens presented
by the participants in behalf of OVEC and CPSC

The program also included a visit to the Siam Technological College (SiamTech) in Bangkok Yai District upon the invitation of its Director and one of the seminar speakers, Dr. Jomphong Mongkhonvanich. His staff showcased some of the best practices followed by the institution and the state-of-the-art curriculum and facilities that have made the institution become known as one of the premiere TVET institutions in the country.

The program was jointly supervised by Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, CPSC Acting Director General and Dr. Chaipreuk Sereerak, Secretary General of the Office of the Vocational Education Commission in cooperation with Dr. Pongsatorn Pimpanit, head of the Education Assurance Section of the Bureau of Education Standards and Qualification, OVEC; Ms. Siriyupa Phurirak and Mr. Laksasak Yangsaman from the Bureau of Policy and Planning, OVEC and Dr. Paiboon Saiyawongs, APACC Special Officer for the Kingdom of Thailand. Mr. Rae Emmanuel Echaveria, CPSC Research Assistant, also provided assistance to the program organization. Overall, the program was well-received and appreciated by the participants garnering an excellent rating of 90.52%.

2016-08 RP-Thailand-2016-10Custom-made tarpaulins and promotional materials on APACC are on display in the venue