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Green Skills in Non-Formal Learning Systems Tackled in a Three-Day Special International Program of CPSC and UNESCO

2017 09 UNESCO Special Program

Officials from UNESCO and representatives from five countries namely Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines and Kazakhstan were in CPSC Manila for a three-day discussion and symposium on “Green Skills in Non-Formal Learning Systems” from September 22-24, 2017.

The symposium was opened and moderated by the main proponents of the comparative study namely: Dr. Madhu Singh, Senior Program Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Margarita Pavlova, the Director of the UNEVOC Center, the EdUHK in Hong Kong and CPSC’s Officer-in-Charge and Faculty Consultant Prof. Dr. G. Kulanthaivel, who also participated and provided assistance to the conduct of the program in behalf of CPSC.

In addition, two invited guests from the Philippines presented the green practices and standards in the industry. Dr. Gloria Baken Wong-Siy, a Member of the Tourism and Industry Board Foundation, Inc. of the Asian Institute of Tourism discussed the need for understanding green skills. Meanwhile, Mr. Eligio T. Ildefonso, the Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Commission of the Philippines, tackled the role of green practices in recognizing skills in small, medium and micro enterprises.

During the three-day activity, the participants generated a model (including principles and enabling factors) for the inclusion of green skills in the recognition, validation and accreditation (RVA) systems. They also decided on policy objectives and actions for effective inclusion of green skills in RVA mechanisms and they were able to agree on the terms of reference for piloting the model in some countries. They also discussed and presented insights from the study into the need for environmentally friendly practices emerging from the case studies.

2017-09_UNESCO-Special-Program-2Dr. Madhu Singh (left),Prof. G. Kulanthaivel (center) and
Dr. Margarita Pavlova (right) addressing the participants
of the symposium
2017-09_UNESCO-Special-Program-3Prof. G. Kulanthaivel presenting the CPSC Plaque to
Dr. Madhu Singh

2017-09_UNESCO-Special-Program-4The participants with some of the CPSC Staff members