ICT in Education


Countries in the Asia & and the Pacific region are at different stages of ICT development, in terms of both infrastructure and application of ICT in teaching and learning. Within any such country, there may be an uneven development from region to region, area to area and even from institution to institution. The Asia and the Pacific Region has a wide range of ICT development stages in education. ICTs applied in education offer huge potential to stimulate and realize the human capital inherent in the number of people in the Asia Pacific region. The ADB in 2004 affirmed that there has been a wide recognition of the growth of ICT and its increasing
importance in social and economic development. This has profound implications to education – both in how information technologies can be used to strengthen education, and how education can be more effectively used to encourage in wider scale
the use of the ICTs in the region. Without improved efficiencies in the present education delivery systems among developing nations, it is unlikely that these countries would be able to develop the additional human capital needed to achieve selfreliance in building a competitive economy in the context of the engaging cutthroat competition in the globalizing economy. Undertaking significant investments in education through ICTs gives an edge to countries in so far as taking advantage of the benefits of applicable
technologies, practices and solutions in education and training. In developed countries, the question goes beyond whether ICT can support education but how much, what, where and how, ICT can provide value to the existing system. It is thus crucial to
discuss and deliberate upon how ICT can be rapidly diffused into Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems in less developed countries in the Asia Pacific region by knowing what practices, models, strategies and approaches are in place
to successfully integrate ICT in education in a sustainable manner. The International Symposium will provide a venue
for educators, teachers and administrators in training institutions, schools, universities and colleges to identify, and share best practices as well as learn the current and emerging trends in applying ICTs in education and training.


The broad themes of the symposium are:

  • Issues and Challenges in ICT in education
  • Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning

The symposium will also cover case presentations from various countries represented and organizations with successful models in integrating ICT in education.


  • To share best practices and emerging trends in ICT in education;
  • To identify and examine issues, challenges and opportunities in integrating ICT in education;
  • To facilitate the learning of lessons in integrating ICT in the existing teaching and learning systems;
  • To develop strategies and approaches towards successful diffusion of ICT in TVET systems