Regional Programs


Regional Programs (RPs), as core programs CPSC, address common needs in the development and enhancement of TVET policy-making and decision-making systems as identified by the member countries. Based on common regional issues in TVET sector among all member countries, CPSC focus on the implementation of Regional Programs on the following themes in accordance to its 5-year Corporate Plan 2013-2018:

  • Research and Development in TVET
  • Administration and Management of TVET
  • Green and Clean TVET
  • Innovations in TVET for the Development of the Regional Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship and Management in TVET / Entrepreneurship Development in TVET
  • Strategic Management and Planning in TVET
  • Project Management and Development
  • Integrating ICT in TVET Delivery and Instruction
  • Competency – Based Curriculum Development in TVET